I’ve been very lucky in life, things just seem to always fall my way. And about a week ago things fell my way even further than they done so before.

I entered a competition on the Nasa website to take part in their tweetup (an event for 150 of their followers to tweet from the next Space Shuttle Launch). And after an anxious time when I initially didn’t hear whether i’d got on or not I found out i was on the waiting list in case people cancelled.

This also happened to me late last year when I applied for the same competition linked around the Discovery launch and i never moved off the waiting list, so I wasn’t too hopeful about getting my chance to see a Space Shuttle take off.

But then three days later. As i was sitting around a BBQ in my girlfriend’s back garden, on a slightly damp day in Norwich, United Kingdom. My iPhone buzzed and there it was…

“Dear Jack Dearlove,

Thank you for confirming your attendance at the STS-134 Tweetup on April 18-19 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. You’ll find details about the event below. To finalize your registration, you need to take one more step for Kennedy Space Center security clearance, which will allow you to drive to the press site both days.”

I literally ran to my computer to start working out whether getting to Florida in 3 weeks time was actually possible, let alone affordable.

I’m one of the luckiest space geeks alive and because not everyone will go you can be sure I’ll post up all I can on this blog so you can get a taste of the experience I’m going to have. And maybe even apply for the next #NASATweetup

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