Hoping this is isn’t the case

Because it would defiantly screw a load of my plans up

(Taken from a blog post on the 134tweetup blog)

Possible Launch Window Slip for Endeavour

The Daily Beast is reporting an exclusive claiming STS-134′s launch will be “slipped” to April 29th at the earliest, due to conflicts with the Russian unmanned Progress supply ship schedule.

The potential for conflict was previouslydiscussed over on NASASpaceFlight which mentioned that the primary conflict stems from a time-sensitive, biological experiment in the Progress’s payload that would need to be placed in the ISS freezers within a few hours of launch, negating the option to have the Progress craft linger around while Endeavour completes its mission, before docking with ISS.

Current ISS guidelines restrict DDO (dual-docked operations) activity. (While the station can physically support the docking of both vessels, the procedures and process have not been approved and the restriction remains in place.) There had been some earlier rumors that the time-sensitive payload may be brought up on Endeavour, obviating the conflict, but the Beast’s article cites sources saying that a solution was not forthcoming and the launch window will be slipped.

The burning question being tossed around resembles something along the lines of “how does Endeavour not take priority,” which NSF editor Chris Bergin answers thusly (emphasis added):

While it could be assumed STS-134 would hold priority on the docking schedule, negotiations between partner agencies are not allowed to make such assumptions. However, it is understood that at this time it is unlikely Endeavour’s launch date would be altered.

The latest chatter from KSC (and the above quote) had indicated that such a conflict was very unlikely, so we’ll have to wait with bated breath to see where things land come tomorrow morning. I know most of the #NASATweetup folk are hoping some wires got crossed somewhere, but such a conflict and slip is certainly not out of the question.

I’ve got my finder’s crossed that all is fine. although i cant help but feel that those at NASA might be quite happy for the extra few days given all the bad weather they’ve been having


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