Shutdown and the #nasatweetup

From the point of view of a Brit the whole concept of the whole of the US government shutting down seems completely bizarre. But maybe that’s because it would arguably have a more dramatic effect if it occurred on this side of the pond (which significantly more of our industries in public hands).

Either way it looks like the shutdown will go ahead and at this point in time I’m quite glad for the Russians delaying #STS134 a few days ago because it’s given me a few extra days to rebook my flights (I’d have been very sceptical about a 19th launch day if government had shut down.

As it stands I’m quite hopeful the shutdown won’t affect the preparations for lift off on the 29th. If the team at the Cape were on track to launch on the 19th then I’m sure they’ve got a couple of days spare.

All I can hope is that this all gets sorted over the weekend and we’re all back to normal on Monday morning. I’d be pretty annoyed if political infighting stopped me from seeing one of the most amazing sights on the planet.


2 thoughts on “Shutdown and the #nasatweetup

  1. There are a few contingency days; however, shutdowns usually don’t last only a few days. Keep all your options open. If they miss this window, the next official window isn’t until mid June I believe. 😦 As a STS133 NASATweetup alum, I’m quite familiar with delays (115 days to be exact!) and I know how much it wreaks havoc on plans and emotions. Good luck! It’ll be worth it in the end though!

    • I’m not completely sure, but do you think because of #fromrussiawithscrub the number of contingency days increased quote dramatically? Or do they just slow the timetable down?

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