It was 50 (and 30) years ago today

As you will probably know (if you’ve been on Google) it’s the 50th anniversary of human space flight. It’s also the 30th anniversary of a group of scientists and engineers seeing the drawing above become a reality.

It’s quite poetic that the machine that has contributed so much to human spaceflight will be retiring not long after these significant birthdays.

But as the sun sets over the shuttle’s orange fuel tank it’s time to look to the future. Think of our time building and playing around with the International Space Station as training for something bigger, like the Apollo astronauts thought of Mercury and Gemini. There’s a whole lot of universe out there, and we’ve got a whole lot of flags down here that aren’t going to plant themselves.

We’ve come a long way since Yuri’s little adventure and who knows what he would have thought about humans actually living in space, or Americans pushing back one of their launches so the Russians could keep theirs on track. But either way I can’t wait till we’re all riding rockets on a regular basis and spending our weekends on the moon, I’ve heard that’s not far away……… although I can’t help feeling someone may have said that 50 years ago.

In the meantime though Christopher Riley’s amazing film recreating Yuri’s first Orbit can finally be seen online. There’s a ‘making of’ available here but the full thing can be found below.

P.S. This tweet made me happy.


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