T-minus two weeks

It’s now less that two weeks before my Tweetup adventure starts, Endeavour jumps off the pad for the final time and my life probably changes forever.

I’ve now done a good few interviews about what i’m going to be up to and have dispatched mum Mum to find a copy of my local paper back where I used to live as they’ve printed an article about it all today (the online version of which can be found from the tweet below). Massive thanks to them and @davefreezer for being on the ball and getting in contact through twitter.

My next couple of weeks includes more library time attempting to complete my uni essays before heading over there. Although i’m completely writing off the chance of getting any work done on Tuesday, at least until i see a tweet from @Nasa conforming the launch date to be the 29th.

So onward and upward, and if you’re a bit bored on a Saturday morning make sure you’ve seen this excellent little documentary about the Shuttle narrated by none other than William Shatner.


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