For the Brits that cant make the tweetup

I’ve said quite a few times in various interviews that as far as I can tell im the only person traveling from England to the #NASATweetup and I know i’m a lucky one in 4000 to get the chance.

But for those of you that want to be a little closer to the launch that just consuming the stuff on this blog @space_pete has done some workings out. If you want to see both the ISS and shuttle on the night of the STS134 launch then you can. And it will look something like the picture above (note the slightly orange dot, that’s the external fuel tank).

The NASA app confirms it (and if you’re watching in Leeds, West Yorkshire), you want to be looking up at the sky 10 degrees above west at around 21:15 to see the shuttle speeding on it’s journey and if you keep you’re eye in the sky at 21:30 you’ll see the ISS shooting across the sky as well.

Dont blame me if it’s wrong (blame @space_pete) but if you’re bored of the royal wedding it might just provide a little 5 minute distraction. (and if you do spot it give it an @isswave)

On another note I spoke to the guys at the @Spaceosaur blog today and they’ve been kind enough to write up a short post about my adventure, if you’d like to read it just click the link below.


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