Well isn’t this a wonderful part of the world!


Well I made it, things were a bit touch and go at times but I’m actually here………… A VERY long way from Yorkshire!

The only hairy moment occurred during my connection at New York, for future reference one and a half hours is not enough time to get off one plane, go through immigration (which nearly didn’t happen because of a mistake on my landing card thing), get my suitcase, recheck my suitcase, change terminals and then go through security AGAIN.

Running to a plane carrying a rucksack, laptop and shoes in you’re hands is not a good look.

On the bright-side Jacksonville is beautiful! Very nice airport (and free WIFI!). Somehow I managed to get 22 emails while I was off the grid (will deal with them later).

The Tweetup begins now, will be handing over my fingerprints to the US government for the second time tomorrow and hopefully going round Kennedy Space Center’s visitor centre like the tourist I’m secretly not.

Hope the rest of the tweeters made it here safely, at least that Icelandic volcano isn’t erupting again.

P.S. I like the way my iPhone changes it’s timezone based on what network it’s connected to, nice touch.


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