T-minus 1 Day

Today was the first day of official tweetup proceedings and it was pretty darn amazing!

We got talked through NASA’s current space suits…

heard about the physics experiment that’s currently in the payload bay of ‘my shuttle’

and got a talk from @astro_clay, who definitely has the ‘right stuff’

But that was just for starters. The real experience came in the afternoon, once the NASATV cameras were switched off. We boarded some VERY hot NASA buses and got what im going to call the enhanced tour of the Space Center. We stopped off by the Shuttle Landing Facility and the ‘mate-demate device.

This is the structure used to attach the shuttle to an Boeing 474 in case they need to transport it somewhere (other than space). and then we went somewhere i never thought i’d get the chance to go…

This thing place is huge and will probably get a blog post on it’s own once i’m back on UK soil and putting together individual galleries. The most amazing part was the brief glimpse of Shuttle Atlantis’ Solid Rocket Boosters and External tank, i literally leapt with excitement when I caught this view!

And the day isn’t over. I’m currently blogging from the press conference room here at the Space Center while we keep out of the way of a pretty big storm that’s making it’s way over this part of the world if you want to hear what it’s sounding like click below

Once this has past we’ll watch the Rotating Service Structure move back and we’ll actually be able to see the Shuttle for the first time (i’ll blog this later). In the meantime we’re happy to stay here all night and in less than 24 hours the Shuttle programme should be once step closer to retirement.

Update: we’ve just heard the Rotating Service Structure movement has been pushed back too late for us to stay. So I’ll catch you tomorrow for launch!


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