Today was just today. Tomorrow will happen again

(sorry for the lateness of this BTW, took a while to put into words)

Annoyed? Worried? Confused? No. with everything that happened today I am… content.

In case you didn’t know we found out the launch was scrubbed by seeing what is in the video below.

Not an easy moment but honestly i’m so lucky to be where I am at the moment, and experiencing all these little moments that are being laid before me I was ok with it. I knew I could reschedule my flights. And i’m hoping my work and uni understand why i’m not going to be back before Thursday. As I said earlier this whole space thing might not be routine, but i didn’t travel half way round the world to miss out on one of the most spectacular human creations ever because I should be sitting in a lecture hall somewhere in Leeds.

I decided to take a picture of the pad at the exact time the shuttle should have taken off…

It’s an image that doesn’t rub salt in my wounds in any way at all, in case you didn’t know NASA had a problem with a fuel line heater meaning they’ve got to drain the tank (an estimated cost of $500,000!) and look at it properly, I would hate for something to have happened if they hadn’t checked it out.

I’ll be back at the press site on monday and in the meantime I do actually have some essays that aren’t going to write themselves. My workspace is a far cry from the Edward Boyle library (Leeds Uni), so what could be better?

P.S. One pretty cool thing today though, Obama swung by the Space Center, and boy did you realise it! Spot the snipers in the picture below!

(answer two on the grey bit under the US flag and two on top of the building above the actual policeman in the forground.)

I stood out by a grassy patch for a little while and watched Marine 1 fly in (the chopper) but then decided there weren’t nearly enough army types to allow the most powerful man in the world to drive past. I did however catch a glimps of the motorcade as he left the Space Center.

Fingers crossed he was actually interested. It’s not my taxpayer’s dollars but there are some amazing people at NASA and they all the time and money they can get.


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