Early morning rumours, inc correction.

I wouldn’t normally get into rumours that fly around the twitterverse but there are a couple (conflicting) from people that would appear to know what they’re talking about.

Firstly on the good side…

He works at the pad, but it appears to be old information when you look at this tweet…

This guy’s a lot more important to the whole affair and his thought’s were backed up by a tweet from @astro_ron. A Tweet that has since been deleted (read into that what you will).

The press conference is set for 10:30 and we’ll know for sure by then. In the meantime i feel like the luckiest person in the world for what I got, sure i would love to have felt the ground shake as they thing flew off the pad, but i got to go round the VAB and met loads of people who will always be welcome to stay at my house in the UK if they’re ever in the country. And i’ve been invited to see an ATV lift off from mission control in Germany in February so it’s not all bad.


looks like in my hastiness to blog and tweet i got the name of the astronaut that had tweeted incorrect. There’s no cover up, it’s still there, in fact i found it

He’s the pilot for STS-134. so i think this is straight from the horses mouth stuff


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