Lift off!

Few words are needed for this post

But in case you missed it… here it is again

and if you prefer straight sound, click below

(launch is about 2 mins in)


2 thoughts on “Lift off!

  1. Jack,

    Sorry you couldn’t make it back – seeing Endeavour ride a road of fire into the clouds, then feeling the sound of it rush in on me, ranks as one of the more thrilling experiences of my life, to understate matters slightly. I hope the BBC makes it up to you by letting you take the first seat Virgin Galactic offers to a Beeb staffer. (And not just because they think you, as an unmarried guy without kids, would be more expendable than their older journalists 🙂

    – Rob

    • Well if I wanted to get on my high horse getting a complimentary trip on virgin galactic wouldn’t be journalism in any way at all, it would be PR. so the beeb would be on very dodgy ground to let someone do that…… Not that I’d turn it down though

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