Docking Day

Today is L+2 and the day the shuttle finally catches up to the International Space Station. If you want to watch this wonderful piece of orbital ballet you’ll have to have your computer pointed at NASA TV around 10:15 BST for the shuttle’s backflip and 11:15 for the docking itself.

I personally am still processing some of the more artistic photos of the launch itself…

and this amazing one from the firing room…

But perhaps more importantly yesterday provided another spectacle at the Kennedy Space Centre. The final Space Shuttle to be transferred to the VAB…

So while Endeavour is performing Ballet in space Atlantis will be performing Ballet in the VAB. Being lifted up to the roof of that ridiculously huge building and attached to the external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters that I had the pleasure of standing next to the other week.

While Endeavour will always be ‘my shuttle’ there’s a good feeling about being so close to a part of Atlantis.


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