Mission Day 4: Whatever you do guys…don’t drop it…

Ok so I know if they did let go of it it would stay there for a little while (one of the many advantages of microgravity) but that’s besides the point. If you want to see the whole process of putting the AMS on the station from beginning you can do so from the video below…

Mission Day 4 is a pretty big day for science. It’s also a pretty big day for space exploration. Because the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is the final big payload to be bolted to the side of the International Space Station.

That’s it guys! It’s done! We made it! Over a decade of building. Millions of dollars, euros, pounds (however you want to class it). And the collective will of a lot of people who thought it would never happen has resulted in humans living longer in space than we ever have before.

Humans have lived in space continuously for those ten years and while talking to people about my #NASATweetup experience it appeared that not many people knew that wonderful fact. It’s almost as if the current run of space vehicles is suffering from similar fatigue that was seen at the end of the Apollo program. People sort of know it’s there, but haven’t been told why they should care about it (or why their taxpayers money is funding it).

And that’s why when they see pictures like this…

They assume it’s all coming to an end, we’re giving up and staying at home like a science geek on a Friday night.

This is far from the end of human spaceflight. Governments know this, scientists know this, space geeks know this. Someone do us all a favour and tell the public?


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