Mission Day 5: Good to get out of the office

Not wanting to claim that going into space is a bit of a holiday but it’s starting to at least take the form of one. Because after a couple of days of unloading the car (shuttle) mission day 5 brings the chance for the astronauts to explore where they’re staying for the next week and a bit. They’ve got a couple of jobs to do (as anyone does when their house is 10 years old), Some ammonia jumper cables need installing (ask NASA) and more importantly some communications antennas need to be attached and plugged in. This a fairly complicated job because it involves removing a protective shield from the space station’s destiny module. This job has recently been made a little more complicated because of this…

An event that could shorted the amount of time Drew Feustel and Greg Chamitoff can stay outside…

@sts_134 is worth following if you’re looking for up to the minute updates and @bethbeck is posting some breathtaking pictures. Spacewalks might not be quite as dramatic as launches (and take a significantly longer time) but they are the business end of the mission and as @bethbeck’s pictures show, can be really quite breathtaking (especially when you watch someone doing extreme monkey baring at 17,500mph).

Finally while we’re on the subject of breathtaking pictures, this blog from the person that took the amazing picture of the shuttle launch from a plane is worth a read….

So I was on a plane to Florida... Monday morning after only a couple of hours of sleep thanks to a late night at Yankee Stadium, I boarded a plane from LaGuardia Airport to Palm Beach to visit my parents. It was just another too early Monday morning flight, I settled into my seat and soon fell asleep. Somewhere over North Florida I woke up, found out we’d be able to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor, I moved over to the window seat and with my iPhone (airplane mode on) in my hand, took … Read More

via Notyourtypicalgirl’s Blog


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