Mission Day 9: Space is a bit emptier today

That photo could well have been taken at any time between now and the 60’s because however flashy the space shuttle or Branson’s spaceplane looks, this is how the majority of our adventures in space end at the moment. By being crashing back to reality a field in Kazakhstan. The European Space Agency have posted up some amazing photos…
and if you want to see more of them their flickr stream can be found here. I’ve also posted up the highlights video of the landing and the moment when it actually hits the ground can be seen in the video below that.
While up on the station ESA’s Paolo Nespoli took part in dozens of microgravity experiments, oversaw the arrival of Europe’s second Automated Transfer Vehicle to the ISS, and filmed an entire orbit of the space station for ‘first orbit’, a film marking 50 years of humans in space. He was also a prolific tweeter and from this I gather, a genuinely good guy. Unfortunately he returns to earth with the news that his mother died while he was in space fresh on his mind, and that alone means that he is owed a well earned break, however great it would be to see him at the UK Space Conference later this year.
Back in Space though…
And the Shuttle astronauts have been enjoying a bit of a day off ready for the third spacewalk scheduled for tomorrow. Must be a bit weird up there though, as the space station is a little emptier than it was 24 hours ago.

Update: @nasa sent a quick tweet about a press conference scheduled for later today about the agency’s new plans for human spaceflight. For more details you can go here


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