NASA’s planning a new bit of kit


As mentioned in the previous post NASA was going to unveil a new crew vehicle in partnership with Lockheed Martin this afternoon.

It’s slickly called the ‘multi-purpose crew vehicle’ (well done NASA, way to encapsulate the hopes of a species in one easy to remember acronym) and it’s main use will be for missions beyond earth orbit as well as a variety of other things…

“Spacecraft to serve as the primary crew vehicle for missions beyond LEO (low earth orbit).

Capable of conducting regular in-space operations (rendezvous, docking, extravehicular activity) in conjunction with payloads delivered by SLS for missions beyond LEO.

Capability to be a backup system for ISS cargo and crew delivery”

If you’re looking for more details NASA has put a page together on their website, but with years till it’s up in space I’ll believe it when I see it.


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