Mission Day 10: Nasa’s not the only one with new toys

Day ten contains the third spacewalk of the mission, one that contains the usual list of random maintenance issues these tent to include. At the time of blogging the astronauts are a little behind schedule (nothing unusual there) and have only encountered a couple of problems, primarily this…

but also one the more mundane…

Because of delays on previous spacewalks there was some talk moving some of the left over jobs into this EVA, that’s now looking less likely…

Back on the ground and around 24 hours since a Soyuz capsule landed another one is getting ready to take off, well the crew are anyway.

These guys make up the final three members of Expedition 28 and they’ll blast off for the Space Station on June 7th, but before they leave the planet, they have to leave Star City. If you think Britain is full of pomp and circumstance, do a bit of Googleing and find some of the ceremonies those flying a Soyuz have to go through, whoever said spaceflight was simple.

So we’ve done what’s happening in space and Russia, back here in the UK you may have seen pictures of our latest ‘spaceplane’…

I apply the same criteria to that artist’s impression that I do to NASA’s ‘multi-purpose crew vehicle’. I’ll believe it when I see it. (mission animation below, more info can be found here).


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