Mission Day 14: Did you lock the door?

Well that’s that then….

The doors are being locked as I blog and Endeavour will depart within 24 hours. Beth Beck from NASA pointed out a wonderful bit of symmetry given that it’s the Shuttle that completed the station.

The Farewell ceremony happened a little while ago and if you want to watch it i’ve embedded it below…

Bit of an update on the planned testing of the STORRM rendezvous system, essentially a large chunk of it failed this morning and they’re a little worried about checking the status of the remaining bits in case this makes the problem worse. Spaceflight 101 has a decent little blurb on what’s going to happen, that can be found here.

So Endeavour’s adventure’s in space are slowly coming to an end, one last controlled glide through the earth’s atmosphere and it’s a lifetime as a museum exhibition to look forward to.

NASA posted up a brilliant video of the highlights of this final launch this morning, if you’ve got a spare quarter of an hour I would highly recommend you watch it.


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