Meanwhile… in Russia

A few days post landing and NASA and others have been posting up videos and pictures galore…

The time-lapse of STS-135’s rollout to the launch pad is also available…

and this video is particularly amazing, it’s the shuttle landing viewed from the ground in Mexico…

Annoyingly there’s still no sign of the pictures astro_paolo took before he landed (I hope they survived reentry/he remembered to take the lens cap off/NASA might be saving them for the end of the whole space shuttle programme).

but meanwhile in a car park in Russia this happened…

(yes I know it happened the other day but this blog appears to have a bit of a tradition of posting about anniversaries a bit late. The Mars500 project is one of those projects that sounds (and looks) completely crazy but is scientifically quite useful. In case you haven’t heard about it the russians has essentially locked a group of guys up for a simulated mars mission in the car park of one of their universities.

The project’s website is full of videos of the experiments (pranks) the team looking after the guys have performed (here) and the final results of all this could have a real effect on the way we treat the first humans to head to the red planet or beyond.

Back in the real world and the second half of Expedition 28 moved a step closer to launching as its Soyuz rocket was dragged to the launch pad. It wont be long before the European Space Agency has the ability to launch some of these on their own, as they finished building a Soyuz launch centre in French Guiana not long ago. Once that happens we might finally see the one Brit in the ESA’s astronaut corps getting his feet off the ground.


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