ATV has left the building

One last little glimpse as the Johannes Kepler pulls away from the International Space Station. It has done its job almost perfectly and now has a date with the earths atmosphere that will hopefully end in fireworks.

ESA are particularly good at making videos about the whole ATV process, here’s their creation about how reentry works…

Meanwhile back on the ground, in the US the crew for STS135 were practicing for a bit of a random scenario in their ongoing preparations for the final Space Shuttle Mission…

All in a days work I suppose. And on the other side of the Atlantic the Russian Space Agency prepared to fill the docking port vacated by the ATV with the stalwart of the ISS’s ‘visiting vehicles’ a Progress resupply ship.

Lift off is scheduled for tomorrow at 1538 BST, with any luck I’ll get out to theĀ Baikonur Cosmodrome to see one of these launches within a couple of years.


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