L-1: SpaceX, Brian Cox and rain

So there it is, the potential future of human spaceflight, just sitting in a gazebos round the back of SpaceX’s launch control center. It’s huge! but perhaps the most interesting thing is when you compare it to what the old Apollo Command Modules look like when they’ve crashed through the atmosphere, or the Soyuz…





That’s significantly less charing in my opinion.

The long and short of it is that the technology appears to work, and will be resupplying the ISS by the end of this year, and become the only means of actually getting something back down from the space station, like an experiment for example. The Soyuz could carry things in theory, but given that the Russians were forced to abandon the very expensive camera Astro_Paolo used to take the iconic pictures of the ISS and Space Shuttle in orbit to the fiery jaws of the earth’s atmosphere, I doubt there’s bags of room for stuff.

Back at the launch site and the rain is the main concern for launch, with its effects already being felt…

If things can’t get off the ground tomorrow then there’s a second chance to launch on Sunday morning.

The feeling here at the cape appears to be one of triumph, yeah the programmes ending, but it’s going to be spectacular.

While we’re on the subject of the programme ending Professor Brian Cox has been tweeting some interesting thoughts on the programme in general…

I suppose it’s just one of those things that a quick emergency investment is easy to come by, a long-term pull on the purse strings, not so much.

Fingers crossed for an on time launch on Friday, but for me Sunday isn’t a problem.


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