Launch Day thoughts

It has taken me a while to write this post, partly because of a lack of WIFI and a decent internet connection, partly a lack of time because of a lack of time due to travelling, jet lag and work. But also because it’s really quite hard to find the words to describe what I saw last Friday.

It was amazing, incredibly loud, unbelievably bright. In fact the tweet I sent a couple of minutes after launch pretty much sums it all up…

if you missed the launch i’ve embedded the video of it below…

and here’s one with a pretty similar view to the one i had

but really I think you should listen to the pure sound of the launch (being a radio guy) from the audioboo below…

for some reason you don’t really pick up the quite distinct crackle of the SRBs from the official NASA video.

Anyway i’m now back in the UK and adjusting to what is as close to a ‘normal’ life as possible. I plan to continue the blog post tweetups, with various space based news.


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