Capture the flag!


On a casual call to the international space station President Obama issued probably his most important challenge of his presidency (joke), a game of capture the flag to the private space companies of the United States of America.

Essentially it was revealed that the crew of the final space shuttle have been carrying a particularly special cargo…

And immediately one of the most advanced of those companies threw their hat into the ring…

Of cause the there’s always the possibility that the craft to pick up the capsule could well be NASA’s own, their tests on their Orion capsule appear to be coming along quite nicely…

And the launch pad it should be taking off from is also progressing…

All in all a very productive day for the space industry, and for the average fan things got even better, the amazing folks at #nasatweetup announced an extension to their STS135 based fun…

The folks on that trip will have an amazing time! As long as it doesn’t land in Houston for one last trip on the 747.

P.S. It’s one week from launch, why not watch it again from an even more amazing angle…


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