Atlantis landing, everything you need to see

The dust has finally settled on the runway and there are simply too many pictures, videos, recordings of the event to pull into one post so I thought I’d simply post a few of the best I’ve seen throughout the day.

The first is the picture above. Taken from the International Space Station as Atlantis dropped back into the earth’s atmosphere, it’s almost like someone’s drawn it on. That picture has a similar appeal to the one below…

and it will become one of the iconic photos of this final mission.

So let’s start with the landing itself, there’s the token amazing video that a night landing brings of the shuttle flying over Mexico…

you can watch the full half an hour of the landing…

but I don’t know about you when you’re reading things on the internet, i’d rather watch the highlights…

Once on the ground and with the sun up the landing team have marked the end of the final voyage of the space shuttle on the runway…

and several NASA employees, including those that will be loosing their jobs tomorrow, were allowed to get right up close to the orbiter…

and generally potter around the complex for the final time…!/lh2padrat/status/94130636012535810

Atlantis will now be refurbished and ‘safed’ like the other two orbiters and will take its rightful place at a newly built hangar at the visitor complex ready for generations of men, women and children to marvel at the achievements it has given us. Just like they do at the moment at the Saturn V centre.

I’ll leave you tonight with two videos that exploded over twitter this afternoon, each of the 135 space shuttle missions edited together into one video. The second takes a little more effort to get to, but it’s well worth it…

Welcome home Atlantis, and I cant wait to see one of the Shuttle’s up close at some point in my lifetime at one of the museums that will reside in.

P.S. This human space thing isn’t over, as @astro_ron wants to point out…

P.P.S, i just came across this amazing graphic of the shuttle program as whole, worth a look at…


2 thoughts on “Atlantis landing, everything you need to see

  1. FANTASTIC post, Jack. Thank you so much for gathering and sharing such a terrific “highlight reel” of the day. Your post is one many will treasure for a long time to come because it so perfectly collects precious/rare moments in one place.

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