One last run around the tweetup block?

I attended two #NASATweetups this year, the first for STS-134, the final launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. And when I didn’t see it launch I was invited back for the launch day for STS-135. These were both amazing experiences and both completely changed my life. The first allowed me to meet a huge group of people who I will always stay in touch with, the second allowed me to see something that I will never see again, an actual Space Shuttle taking off.

If you want the same experience follow @esa, @esaoperations, and @spacetweetup and click your mouse over to here because these guys are planning one. And the line up seems pretty good…

  • Welcome by DLR and ESA Social Media Managers, Marco Trovatello and Fulvio Drigani
  • Keynote by NASA Social Media Manager Stefanie Schierholz
  • Chance to meet Thomas Reiter ESA Director of Human Spaceflight and Operations and ESA astronaut, and other European astronauts
  • Q&A with SOFIA project managers/scientists
  • Various indoor and outdoor tours including:
    • Tour of ESA’s European Astronaut Centre
    • SOFIA, the NASA–DLR flying observatory using a heavily modified Boeing 747 SP
    • Airbus A380, provided exclusively by Airbus for German Aerospace Day
    • A300 Zero-G used by DLR and ESA for parabolic flight campaigns
    • Tour of DLR research institutes and facilities
  • Q&As with DLR/ESA scientists and project managers
  • Opportunities to meet the DLR and ESA social media teams, as well as fellow European spacetweeps

I mean it’s no Space Shuttle launch but it’s their first go, and the presence of Stefanie Schierholz, the genius in charge of NASA’s tweetup efforts can only be a good thing.

If you want to signup you have a couple of days left…

and with any luck i’ll see you in Germany!

One last not on Tweetups, there has been a bit of chatter about a #soyuztweetup, getting a load of people to the launch of TMA-03M in November, a word of warning, this isn’t like the #NASATweetup or the #ESATweetup, this someone’s commercial opportunity and it’s going to cost you. It would be amazing if you have the money, but it’s something that can be done and bought without the random ballot that normally accompanies a tweetup.


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