A sad email to write and a load of pictures

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Nothing to do with a lack of Space news, last week was a hive of activity with NASA’s Juno lifting off, liquid water potentially being found on Mars and the launch of an Ariane V from French Guiana. It’s just been a busy week.

So to make up for radio silence I’ve dug out a load of pictures that might tickle your fancy…

You might remember that I’ve posted the above picture before as part of a throw away comment about the Russian’s failed Space Shuttle experiment. The context of that picture is actually much more of a positive one. It’s from a series taken as one of the five Buran orbiters is taken to be refurbished for display.

I stumbled across the rest of the series earlier this week, which can be found here, but i thought I would feature it as well…

As you can see it’s in a bit of a sorry state…

But the really amazing photos are on the inside…

And this cargo bay picture really is something special…

and look at the knackered cockpit!

That’s a long way from the ‘glass cockpit’ the Shuttle Astronauts enjoyed (twinge of sadness over past tense).

Well i hope you enjoyed those I had a sad email to write today, I was lucky enough to be awarded one of 60 places at @ESA‘s #Spacetweetup, and annoyingly am now unable to go. I’m going to try to reschedule a trip over to ESA at some point this year but it looks like my ESA fun wont be for a while. On the bright side, lucky person on the #spacewaitup list. I got upgraded from the wait list for my NASA fun this year, so I know how someone will feel in a little while.




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