Abandon Ship?

And it’s all because of this…

If the news of the loss of a Progress supply ship wasn’t bad enough ISS controllers are now staring a the possibility of leaving the space station unmanned for the first time since humans starting living up there. This would be a massive set back to the world of human space flight and fill newspapers and news bulletins with negative headlines about how the world’s space agencies really up to the job so soon after the media outlets mourned the end of the Space Shuttle.

Part of the problem of an abandonment of the ISS is also linked to the mildly racist view of the Russian’s involvement in the station by some of our American cousins. Some people have been so wrapped up in the Space Shuttle they haven’t learnt about how vital the Russian’s are and what their technology looks like. Shall we change that courtesy of Space.com?

The grounding of the Soyuz rocket can only be a good thing, they’ve got to make sure it’s safe before we stick humans on the top again. Because we’re very lucky there weren’t humans involved this time.But if the station does have to be empty at Christmas it’ll be full again before you know it. After all one failure in the rocket’s entire history sounds more like bad luck rather than a systematic problem.

Annoyingly it might push back some of the private companies wanting to launch cargo to the station before the end of the year. But it’s a price worth paying if we save astronaut’s lives.


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