Man gets in pod, pod goes up, man jumps from pod

GIF: Felix Baumgartner jumps from space.  on Twitpic

If you didn’t watch this live you missed the visual event of the year for me so far.

Felix Baumgartner got in a capsule attached to a balloon, spent two hours twiddling his thumbs and worrying that the heater on his visor wasn’t working and then jumped. Well fell, although there was apparently a small ‘bunny hop’ off the step.

At the time of blogging Baumgartner’s jump broke two records, highest balloon flight and longest freefall, with the possibility of a third if he breaks the sound barrier on the way down.

The jump was awe-inspiring, with millions watching online collectively holding their breath as he climbed out onto the platform no bigger than a skateboard and it is said the feat could help develop ways to bring astronauts safely back from space in an emergency. Of cause that doesn’t stop “Bum Gardener” trending moments after he landed… I love the Internet.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed he broke the sound barrier, so that’s three records in the bag!


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